Welcome to LDS! (Lab for Data Science). The mission of LDS is to conduct cutting-edge research that can better "understand and analyze actual phenomena" from data. We work closely on the research fields of information retrieval (SIGIR, WWW, CIKM), data mining (KDD, WSDM), natural language processing (ACL, EMNLP), machine learning (NIPS, ICML, ICLR), multimedia (ACM MM, CVPR, ICCV), and more generally, artificial intelligence (AAAI, IJCAI). Current research interests are primarily on deep learning, graph learning, meta learning, and causal inference, with particular applications on recommender systems, dialog systems, knowledge graphs, and financial technologies (Fintech).

Lab for Data Science (LDS) is led by Prof. HE Xiangnan. We are part of the USTC Lab for Future Networks (LFN, 未来网络实验室) and National Engineering Lab of Brain-Inspired Intelligence Technology and Application (NEL-BITA, 类脑国家工程实验室).

We are actively hiring Tenure-track Faculties, Postdocs, PhDs, and master students. Please send your CV to <hexn@ustc.edu.cn> if you are interested in joining LDS.

Contact us:

HE Xiangnan


No. 443 Huangshan Road

Hefei, Anhui, China, 230022


Tel: (0551)63607236

Email: hexn@ustc.edu.cn

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