USTC institution GPU and CPU clusters user manual.pdf, 2019.12.6

LDS deep learning workstation user manual-1.0.pdf, 2019.12.6

LDS deep learning workstation user manual-1.1.pdf, 2020.4.5

LDS deep learning workstation user manual-1.2.pdf, four workstations are all put into use. Thanks      for the contribution of Weijian Chen. 2020.5.16

LDS deep learning workstation user manual-1.3.pdf, the latest version. 2020.5.20

LDS deep learning workstation user manual-1.4.pdf, realize shared storage using NFS. Thanks for           the useful advice of Shijun Li and Yang Zhang. 2020.6.9

LDS deep learning workstation user manual-1.5.pdf, the 5th server is ready for use. 2020.7.18

LDS deep learning workstation user manual-1.6.pdf, add new storage /data for datasets and                  outputs. 2020.9.20

LDS deep learning workstation user manual-1.7.pdf, the WAN IP address is changed to, thanks for the help of Chongming Gao and Jiancan Wu. 2020.11.6

LDS deep learning workstation user manual-1.8.pdf, 8-card server added new storage. 2020.12.6

LDS deep learning workstation user manual-1.9.pdf, updated information about the use of the laboratory server.  2021.3.16

Software, an ssh client, provided by Jiancan Wu. 2020.4.8